I usually do say that, but I liked Algiers so much. Even if I’m going to a place you would have no passion of going by yourself. To be honest, Algeria wouldn’t come to my mind either. But it’s the incredible thing about traveling. In every place there is something to be explored. And the greatest thing about having this job is – you get to see places you probably wouldn’t get to see. Ever. That’s what I totally love about it. Every country is different, there is always something exciting. Sometimes people can be boring, not the places. That’s how I got to see Algiers. We had amazing 50 hours layover there which makes it a whole day off for exploring! And we took a tour! Excited as I usually get when I’m not the only one who want to see, taste and experience as much as possible. A tour! With a girl who has been an ex-crew and who was not boring at all. She didn’t bother us with all the facts, she just knew that we wouldn’t listen that much anyway. She just took us there. Told us interesting stuff. Showed us places I wouldn’t find by myself at all. Or if I would – I wouldn’t have time without a car to see them all. That tour met all my criteria on how a tour should be. Lunch was in the schedule. That’s why.




Monument D’algiers

Casbah of Algiers

Next time I’m definitely taking another tour to Tipaza Island close by. Worth going every minute.