OK.. these past three weeks ran reeeeally fast. It´s already more than a week that we came back home. 
And where have we been since the last post on the blog?

John Forrest National Park (5.1.)
I have a lot of pictures on this one, so I will make a separate article on it.

Coogee beach (6.1.)

Penguin Island (7.1.)
This island is full of beaches, hidden penguins and amazing landscape. If you wanna get there, you need to get on a ferry or you can use a sandbar to travel to the island which they say it´s very dangerous due to the rising water.

The Maze Family Fun Park, Home of Outback Splash (8.1.)

Fremantle market by bus (9.1.)

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, Perth (10.1.)

Hillarys (11.1.)

The best pizza from Little C’s Pizzeria

Swan Valley, The Margaret River Chocolate Company (12.1.)

Shopping in Perth (13.1.)

Fremantle, Murdoch University (14.1.)
Coogee beach (15.1.)