Great Wall of China! Bucketlist . It was simply amazing to stand on a part of something with such a historical value, the longest wall in the world. The wall has been built along the line of historical northern border of China to protect the Chinese against the invasions as well as to protect the Silk Road trade, the entire wall being more than 21 000 km long. Can you imagine?
Memorable experience indeed with a great crew! Going through the check point walking up and down (with several photo stops) on the older (and supposedly more beautiful) part of the wall. 
On the way up we took a cable car and on the way back we slid! On a toboggan. Down the Great Wall of China!
Having lunch beneath the wall where the souvenir shops are was an experience by itself. I bet pizza with french fries on it cannot be seen anywhere else in the world #chinathing
If you want to have an experience from just looking at the food, I highly recommend China for it.
































After the Great Wall my Spanish buddy and I decided to explore more of China by hopping into a taxi and going to the Silk Market to buy souvenirs. It is very common in China that the taxi drivers give you fake money when they’re giving you change, so it’s better to change the money in the hotel for smaller notes or pay the exact amount. In Beijing you have to bargain as well as in Shanghai. 180? No way. Got it for 30. Since I turned to be so called a „beautiful friend sister“, my crew mate got his discounts as well. Chinese girls are obviously into Spanish guys. 
After spending almost all of our money (beware of things you do not need when at these places), I was so into going to see the Tiananmen Square (the biggest one in the world). Since I’ve seen the second I need to see the first! After day of exploring non stop we decided to end up our day safely. Burger at McDonalds never tasted that good.