After two days of traveling – well, will never do that again – with transfers through Amsterdam, Netherlands and Guangzhou, China we finally arrived to Perth, Australia – our final destination of our journey. Well, not finally final – that was Kardinya, WA. It is Perth’s suburb which is located within the city of Melville and the place where my sis and her family live. 


It’s been my third time here in Australia and I’m very glad we made it this year together with my mum again. Before I leave for Dubai I want to enjoy my family as much as possible.
Since we fortunately don’t suffer from jet lag, our first day we woke up just normally at ten, haha and thanks to that our first day here was full of food, walks, sunny weather and another Christmas.


My first day in Australia in pictures:



Pipka and Dripka


Loaded fries from McDonalds – sooo good!




Rainbow Bee-eater
On the way to the Bibra Lake, which has taken its name from the freshwater lake which is within its boundaries. The Lake has a significant Aboriginal heritage.




Willie Wagtail



Red Wattlebird


Black swan – symbol of Western Australia


Madla, the beast


And second Christmas this year. Together with Christmas dinner (also with carpet shark and pink snapper), traditional Czech sweets and amazing presents.





Eugene, the sock man