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Big Bird to London!

Written on 20.3.2017 in Europe

První let na a380! Tzv. první supy. Už jsem skoro zapomněla, jaké to je, když jste na tom daném typu letadla poprvé, všichni vám všechno ukazujou a vy nemusít...

Moscow (Russia)

Written on 22.9.2016 in Asia

Moscow has always been one of my dreams. To see the Red Square and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral. And Kremlin which my dad always tells me about. To see all the places where he has been during his student’s years as well. It’s always interesting to know about the history of the place and then...

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Milan (Italy)

Written on 17.9.2016 in Europe

When does one of your best friends make it to Milan to see you for one day, it’s priceless. Marketa boarded the plane in Prague to see me in Milan for my layover. We wandered around this beautiful city, we discovered Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, we ate pizza, pasta, drank Pinot Grigio, we sat at the...

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Dublin (Ireland)

Written on 13.7.2016 in Europe

My first flight to Europe on duty and it’s Dublin! City of Jameson, Guiness factory and poets from history.    Ireland’s oldest pub ESTD. 1198 ✓               Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – spotted and admired       Having a pint of Guiness ✓ (and the best sausage)          ...

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Odebírej novinky

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