Sri Lanka, one of the places I’ve always wanted to go and will come back for vacation one day for sure. Colombo is however not the Sri Lanka as I would imagine it. Since I didn’t have that much time, I was a little bit in doubt if to spend this layover going out to explore or just (exceptionally) chillaxing with my Czech girls (secondly exceptionally, there were three of us on this flight!) in a nice hotel by the pool having a mocktail and going for a massage. But of course not! Lets go to the elephant orphanage to give one of the elephants a bath. Roni is in town.
As there were three of us going, we decided to go for a tour. Two hours drive to an elephant orphanage together with an elephant ride plus visiting a tea factory and a spice market on the way. Lets sleep in the car, no time to waste on our layover. This always must appear so funny to the drivers, usually we all pass out in the car whenever we have time to do so (since it’s a long drive and we had no sleep after a night flight and we still want to EXPLORE). #cabincrewlife
But I love it. Even though we decided not to ride the elephants at the end because we didn’t like their condition, I still took a chance to bathe them.  

Sometimes I think of how I’ll miss flying one day if I won’t do this job anymore. One day you go out for a lunch to Dubai mall, next morning you wake up in a beautiful resort of Bali on the other side of the world, then you go explore the world’s smallest volcano in Manila, then you end up seeing a Great Wall and then you go shopping in Milan.
Where else can this all happen to you in one week time?
That’s when you end up buying a pineapple, ridiculously expensive hair remover and a lot of Sri Lankan tea. Yea, I was the one that bought the tea 🙂