I’m here. In Dubai. Still kinda cannot believe it’s happening and I feel like on a study vacation. It’s gonna be a payed one though 🙂


We were given a great care and attention while on the plane from Prague and with Martina, my Czech mate, we landed early on Saturday morning at Dubai International Airport. We had a pick up and unfortunately had to split because Martina lives somewhere else than I do. 


Finally I arrived. Such a nice place this hotel Al Nawras. And on top of that I got an amazing roomie Mint from Bangkok. The first morning she prepared beef, she’s the most cute girl I know, got a great sense of humor and she loves spicy food. And I just love HER.
On the first Saturday the 30th Jan we went with the new joiners and batch mates to The Dubai Mall to have a lunch and a coffee afterwards. 
Mom, The Dubai Mall is just huge, you will love it.
Ice rink in the middle of the Dubai Mall
Giant Aquarium at the Dubai Mall
At 6pm we went out to see the Fountain. As well did everybody else from the Mall. We didn’t see the Fountain, but the Burj Khalifa instead haha. Changing in all kinds of colors. Amazing view you can’t even imagine unless you see it for yourself.





Jason, Khai, Minty, myself, Khaleel and Dasa
Business attire Induction Day 1
And the learning starts right here
Cabin crew, please get ready for boarding