Yesterday was an amazing day, really. I got eleven hours of sleep so I balanced my sleep deficit and after breakfast we went to discover what Dubai has to offer for us.

First on the list – the Jumeirah Beach. We were supposed to meet some of the January joiners there, our Soup family members. So glad I could finally meet them all! We got out of the taxi at Burj al Arab – officially known as the best hotel in the world and the 7 Star one. WOW!

After the beach we decided to grab our lunch at the Dubai Marina. We enjoyed ourselves just walking around and sit in a restaurant with this completely amazing view in front of us.


Dubai Marina at night. Stunning. I think I’ve seen a lot of placed while traveling but I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life. I was seriously amazed by it and I think you could never get enough of that view.

You know that feeling when you travel the world and you say to yourself „This place is so fenomenal, I want to live here!“ I so wanna live here!

WAIT! I actually do live here!!! 🙂