I know I’m bad at posting on time. I’m still at least one article behind. I’ve been to KL and Melbourne like a month ago! But living here keeps me busy all the time so I don’t have as much time for writing as I wish I had. Too many things happening. Plus I was on vacation! Excuses, I know, will make it up the upcoming week.
Anyway, I was looking forward to Kuala Lumpur (KL) since the first time I was talking to my friend Jason about it. He’s from Malaysia and he got me so excited about seeing the Petronas Twin Towers, the most exciting skyscrapers in KL. Having it as a multi sector flight together with Melbourne was just the icing on the cake. Since it was raining when we got there, nobody went out. Wouldn’t stop me from exploring of course. I obviously expect nice weather everywhere I go, so my umbrella didn’t make it to KL either. Never mind. I found a gap between drizzling and heavily raining, put on the most rain resistant clothes that I found and here we go. Roni got wet all over. But that view! Worth every minute standing in the rain taking pictures like crazy. Such a small thing can’t stop me, right.
On our second stop in KL while doing the return sector we visited Batu caves. Magnificent statue of Murugan is rising just at the entrance to this one of the most popular hindu shrines outside India. On the way up climbing the stairs you see numerous macaques which I heard can be dangerous, cause they can bite you or steal some things from you. Didn’t discouraged us to take selfies with them though. Haha.
Having these two crazy kids with me was a blast, not forgetting Oompa Loompa, Johnny Depp and Frank Sinatra in our minds for a long time afterwards.














Next day we multi sectored ourselves to Melbourne, Australia. I love Australia. I love the people there. Everywhere in the world you can find nice people, but the people from Australia are different. I don’t know if it’s because of the weather (despite Melbourne though, the weather changed like four times), but the people there are just too cool. They smile all the time like nothing has ever bothered them. There are all those little coffee shops and markets. And the weather is so nice (except Melbourne). 
When I woke up, it wasn’t raining. Meaning I so need to go out. I took a map from the reception while having a nice chat with obviously always smiling receptionist and went to see the city. I have planned to take a hop on hop off bus to get the most of it. As I said the weather changed like four times. From being cloudy to raining, from raining to sun shinning and one more time this all over again. While it was raining I was just enjoying the view from the bus (note: while traveling, just keep your umbrella safe at the back of your suitcase somewhere, you never know). When it stopped I just finished the tour at the Federation Square so I had an ideal opportunity to discover around. The city looked totally different in the sunshine. I ate on the street, drank coffee (since they say they have the best coffee in the world), explored around the Princes Walk and discovered some of the coolest street art at Hosier and Rutledge Lane.