The amazing thing about flying anywhere is that you usually make friends with the crew and end up chatting about where you fly next. In that case you usually get a lot of useful information because, you know, they’ve been there or they come from there. Which is great! Walking tour books that give you the best tips what to do and where to go. That’s how I got excited about Manila.

There is this Taal Volcano being the second most active volcano in the Philippines (33 historical eruptions). All of these are concentrated on Volcano Island, an island near the middle of the Taal Lake. You need at least the whole day because this trip is kind of time consuming. You need time to get there and together with the Manila traffic it’s impossible to do it in less than 24 hours layover. I was lucky enough to have 30 hours, so I managed to go for a massage afterwards as well. With my crew friend, Ana, we even managed to have a local drink in the hotel.
At the hotel concierge we ordered a car with a driver for the next day 7 am, as we knew it’s gonna take some time. We managed to come close to the island before 10 am, having a breakfast on the way. Second part of the journey began when we needed to negotiate with the boats owner. Took us approximately half an hour but we managed to get it for half price. Boat, tour guide, horse. Lifejackets included. Safety first. Swimming in the lake on the way back. 
We enjoyed the boat trip which took approximately 20 mins, then we got a horse to get to the top of the volcano. The horse track was exactly where the lava was flowing.  
Discovered this breathtaking view. Would be worth even the full price.

This was such an experience. Discovering an island of nobody. Bathing in the middle of nowhere surrounded by this landscape.