Perfect Indonesian massage, great dinner in the hotel, perfect breakfast and amazing place to relax at the pool before the flight back. Almost 8 hours flight but all more than worth it. I loved the Novotel hotel which was situated in the suburb, but had amazing facilities and cuisine (and direct entrance to a shopping center as well 🙂 Everything very affordable. I found Bata shoes and got to know that almost everybody from all over the world loves this brand. Hope next time will have more time to explore the city center and see how the people live there. I had a chance to see how people live on the suburb, working, selling food at tiny little markets, sitting on the streets having their children playing around, walking barefoot and driving scooters so unsafely but so professionally that I have never seen before. I think they were born on a scooter already 🙂 If you want to meet the nicest people, you need to go to Indonesia. I enjoyed my first layover so much!