Burj Khalifa again. From another perspective though. Having a chance to actually book a table or a place at a bar and enjoy this view from the top just gives this skyscraper a different meaning (thanks mr. prez.) WOW!



Burj Khalifa as itself is at the moment the tallest structure in the world, standing at almost 830m. Apart from Armani hotel, the first of four of this kind, residential apartments, swimming pools, offices, 57 elevators and 8 escalators, there is also a restaurant called At.mosphere on the 123rd floor. The observation deck being on the 124th floor makes this restaurant almost the highest place you can go and actually have a dinner and martini baby. Fortunately I had my Armani jeans on so they let me in. Haha. You can smell the luxury there, seriously. So we just sat at a bar and had a drink. Like normal people on a normal day. And before that taking pictures like crazy. Next time I go there I will be totally above it all. Have my pictures already. And yes, unfortunately we were after our dinner already. Actually a very healthy burger with amazing fries from Five Guys. Love this place actually. Best burgers in town.. ? I will get back to this report in half a year and will see.


Before going to the top and yes, even after that, we watched the Dubai Fountain. It goes on every 30 minutes after 6 pm and it really gets better every time. It is illuminated by 6600 lights and 50 colored projectors, accompanied by classical or contemporary Arabic or world music.