Marina beach

Written on 20.2.2016 in Dubai & Book

Another great weekend behind us. I usually devote Thursday evening/ night to sleeping in order to have a nice day on Friday and to study the whole Saturday. Well, we need to if we want to be prepared for another intensive week. It’s simply amazing but also very tiring. So good night sleep needed at...

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On the top of the world Burj Khalifa

Written on 13.2.2016 in Dubai & Book

Burj Khalifa again. From another perspective though. Having a chance to actually book a table or a place at a bar and enjoy this view from the top just gives this skyscraper a different meaning (thanks mr. prez.) WOW!     Burj Khalifa as itself is at the moment the tallest structure in the world,...

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Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina

Written on 6.2.2016 in Dubai & Book

Yesterday was an amazing day, really. I got eleven hours of sleep so I balanced my sleep deficit and after breakfast we went to discover what Dubai has to offer for us. First on the list – the Jumeirah Beach. We were supposed to meet some of the January joiners there, our Soup family members....

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Induction week

Written on 2.2.2016 in Dubai & Book

On Sunday we got our red shirts and staff numbers and after we completed the first day of Medicals yesterday (more of them on the list for today) at the Headquarters it was necessary to take a picture on the balcony. So here we go. The main fleeters. Batch 3066 almost ready to take off...

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Dubai, Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall

Written on 31.1.2016 in Dubai & Book

  I’m here. In Dubai. Still kinda cannot believe it’s happening and I feel like on a study vacation. It’s gonna be a payed one though 🙂   We were given a great care and attention while on the plane from Prague and with Martina, my Czech mate, we landed early on Saturday morning at...

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Odebírej novinky

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Crafted with by Veronika