Thursday evening, after the hardest two weeks of training (and getting this, yay!)
and with Robin Schulz in town, no doubt we had a plan. After finding out the tickets are surprisingly very cheap I got a message that they are actually cheaper than ever (free for girls). More money saved for shopping (not really – I’m sorry Mall of the Emirates), I rather got a burger at the Cheesecake Factory (and oh wow, that was impressing, I mean your cheesecakes in a size of a normal person’s meal) and incredibly good. Well next time I go there for lunch to have one cheesecake to stuff me for the rest of the day. Watching people skiing while eating was just the icing on a cake.



I found out that every time I write something it always ends up talking about food. Oh well, some things don’t change.
Back to Robin Schulz now. The concert took place at the Nasimi beach at the Atlantis at the Palm. This place is really nice when I omit the fact that after the concert (no surprise) we were trying to catch a taxi for another half an hour walking up and down (more up) with the sand in our shoes, watching water shattering on the rocks… romantic. But I was with Martina. Haha.
Anyway, the concert was quite cool. Hearing Sugar live was just perfect. And for free, haha.