Such an amazing (last) free weekend! Cause on Thursday I’ll be off to… let’s see. I will talk about my great roster later. On Saturday we had such a blast. And we’ve done so many things and seen so many places in one day, supported so many taxi drivers and had such an amazing day. First of all we went to Dubai Creek for a Souk, an Arab market. Ok, I know I have so many things, but since my closet here is like 1/10000 what I have at home and yes, that pashmina really felt like cashmere… But we managed to have it with a great discount, starting somewhere at 120, finishing at 40, empathizing with that poor guy for not having any profit on it. Obviously not a very good businessman. Well I’m sure he will sell the next one with a great margin though. We stopped for a lunch at this great Indian restaurant and took a pretty exclusive boat called gondola to the next Souk on the other side. And didn’t buy anything there, but we had a pretty good time with Dasha eating all those candies waiting for guys to ever return back from that mystic path they went to seek for exclusive watches.
After lunch we felt like chilling and having ice cream/coffee/after lunch sweet/more of a lunch somewhere nice. Madinat Jumeirah. Great restaurant, great fruit cocktails, great view of Burj al Arab.
After taking a nice walk there we jumped in a taxi again going to my most favorite place of all. Dubai Marina. I don’t know how many times I will need to go there to not take any more pictures again. Every time it seems to me even more beautiful then before. Breathtaking.