My lovely mother Africa. Nairobi. This sounds like a safari, like elephants and giraffes to me. Since I have seen the best safari in Senegal and been as close to the wild animals as possible in Joburg, I didn’t expect much more from this one; it’s not even possible. But they say safari in Kenya is a must see. When in Kenya for first time, everybody should go for safari, and so did I.
Nairobi National Park was huge in terms of size, not in terms of number of the animals. At least we didn’t see many and since it was huge, all the animals were quite far away. We still saw amazing giraffes, zebras, white butts and empanadas (this is what happens when you don’t understand the driver and make up your own names according to some similarities). Maybe this is the way the real safari is suppose to be, I have just experienced something different thus more enjoyable for me before. I think this will happen to me now and then, the more I travel, the less some things surprise me because I have seen better. Every place has it’s magic though and I guess I have just been attached to some places more for some reason, like Senegal.

What was however breathtaking was David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the elephant orphanage. I actually found this orphanage on the internet before I went to Nairobi and I wanted to see that since than. They save the baby elephants from not very pleasant conditions to take care of them in the orphanage for couple of years until they are completely capable to take care of themselves in the wild. This orphanage takes a great part in saving these animals and I hope there will be many people supporting them in their passionate work.