I wasn’t that lucky with my two supy flights in terms they were both turnarounds (Ahmedabad during the night and Amman), but I was so lucky in terms of having an amazing helpful crew and great calm flights. And I’m sure it will pay off with the rest of the month having mostly layovers (hmm, not that bad being a mainfleet after all :)) I was a little nervous at the beginning, but everything went very smooth and in the words of my senior I was „impressive“. Hopefully I was a useful part of the team even on my supy flights, where we don’t have to work, but I tried my best to give a hand to everyone during the service and while interacting with the customers. And I have to admit, the greatest benefit after all was a chance to sit in a flight deck during take off and landing. 
I won’t forget these night views till the rest of my life.

When you meet this great girl from Vietnam and at the end of the flight you discover she speaks Czech like a native 🙂