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EK Graduation 21.7.2016

Written on 28.7.2016 in Dubai & Book

After three days of assessments I graduated and it’s been an awesome day full of memories.         Couldn’t be more proud of my wonderful batch 3066 and of all 29th January joiners.  We made it! ❤ Being recognized and appreciated for something you have done is an unforgettable feeling. Even small things can...

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Dublin (Ireland)

Written on 13.7.2016 in Europe

My first flight to Europe on duty and it’s Dublin! City of Jameson, Guiness factory and poets from history.    Ireland’s oldest pub ESTD. 1198 ✓               Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – spotted and admired       Having a pint of Guiness ✓ (and the best sausage)          ...

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Dakar (Senegal)

Written on 12.7.2016 in Africa

    I was thinking lately if I really like most of the destinations I fly to but I figured it was actually all of them so far that I loved. I’m a traveler. Traveling lover. I’m in love with my Dakar, Senegal. This place ❤ ! Having dinner with the crew the first night,...

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Odebírej novinky

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Crafted with by Veronika