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Shanghai (China)

Written on 27.8.2016 in Asia

  My first Chinese layover. Beautiful Shanghai. I wanted to go for a tour (as I always do), but I happened to have this great crew and the most amazing Ivy girl, so called our tour guide of this journey. So here it goes (according to Ivy’s itinerary):              ...

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Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Vol. 2

Written on 23.8.2016 in North & South America

Second time in this city – time for a tour indeed! We wandered around the streets of Sao Paulo, saw some street art on the walls and this beautiful Sao Paulo Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana de Sao Paulo) in and out – the largest cathedral in South America and the seat of the archbishop. Most importantly,...

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Johannesburg (South Africa)

Written on 19.8.2016 in Africa

Since I saw the pictures of the lion park, I was sure about my next bid. I need to go to Johannesburg. And I got lucky! Thanks to our tour guide Paul I was able to see (and hug) a giraffe and walk and pet a cheetah! Where else do you experience that? And when...

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Odebírej novinky

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