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Auckland (New Zealand)

Written on 28.10.2016 in Australia

I’ve always wanted to see New Zealand. Being able to spend almost 3 days there was just amazing and I got extremely lucky. Even though the flight is long, it was really wonderful and the crew was great! We arrived on Saturday around noon and we already made plans for Sunday, but I still didn’t want to...

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Hanoi (Vietnam)

Written on 25.10.2016 in Asia

Vietnam! And my first trip on two legs. Before going to Hanoi we landed in Yangon International airport in Myanmar (Burma) and then only a short flight and we finally landed in Hanoi! Having a chance to eat typical Pho at the place that gave this soup its origin is just once in a lifetime! I...

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Nairobi (Kenya)

Written on 11.10.2016 in Africa

My lovely mother Africa. Nairobi. This sounds like a safari, like elephants and giraffes to me. Since I have seen the best safari in Senegal and been as close to the wild animals as possible in Joburg, I didn’t expect much more from this one; it’s not even possible. But they say safari in Kenya...

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Odebírej novinky

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