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Manila (Philippines)

Written on 15.6.2016 in Asia

The amazing thing about flying anywhere is that you usually make friends with the crew and end up chatting about where you fly next. In that case you usually get a lot of useful information because, you know, they’ve been there or they come from there. Which is great! Walking tour books that give you...

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Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) & Melbourne (Australia)

Written on 27.5.2016 in Asia

  I know I’m bad at posting on time. I’m still at least one article behind. I’ve been to KL and Melbourne like a month ago! But living here keeps me busy all the time so I don’t have as much time for writing as I wish I had. Too many things happening. Plus I...

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My first layover – Jakarta

Written on 16.4.2016 in Asia

  Perfect Indonesian massage, great dinner in the hotel, perfect breakfast and amazing place to relax at the pool before the flight back. Almost 8 hours flight but all more than worth it. I loved the Novotel hotel which was situated in the suburb, but had amazing facilities and cuisine (and direct entrance to a...

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Odebírej novinky

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Crafted with by Veronika